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Our Vision

Women Paving the Way for Women.


From its inception, Lady Corporate has, and remains to be a community of women committed to excelling while elevating. Our members are devoted to empowering and equipping each other with the resources and support they need to succeed.

We believe that as women, we are already powerful. It's in our DNA. Greatness, our birthright! Together we are a force to be reckoned with and together we can breakthrough the glass ceiling and so much more. Together there are no limits. 

Lady Corporate women are visionaries and innovators, creators and risk takers. We make it happen!

We envision a community of women who affect change in their, homes, on their jobs, in their communities and in the business world. Our commitment, to empower women to level-up in their careers and business is one we take seriously. 



We the Women of Lady Corporate declare today the last day we play small and the last day we apologize for our greatness. We are corporate and business women on a mission to success. We promise to care less and earn more, and to never again be stuck.

Limitations- We don't have them!

Struggles- We overcome them!

Possibilites- We believe in them!

Success Stories- We are them!

We are Lady Corporate! Changing the face of Success. 

 Ahfeeyah C. Thomas |Founder, CEO & President 

Ahfeeyah C. Thomas |Founder, CEO & President 


How it all began...


Incorporated in 2016, Lady Corporate was officially birthed and presented to the world. Our CEO, Creative Director and Fierce Leader, Ahfeeyah Thomas, made a decision! Leaving her position as an Human Resources Professional at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA she decided to be intentional about her efforts to empower women and provide them the resources to be successful. She decided to lead by example, showing women that they can take risks, ask questions and demand what they are worth. After all, "its our birthright", as she would say.

Ahfeeyah decided to use her experience as a Career and Business Coach for almost a decade, to create a community and brand that would inspire women in the corporate and business arena to be the best versions of themselves they can truly be. 

Lady Corporate, although a dream that started many years before launching to the public, is now open to women everywhere and is dedicated to enriching the lives of women personally and professionally.