Benefits of Membership

Join a growing community of women determined to change the face of corporate. Our group of women are dynamic, unique and reign from all different cultures, career levels and backgrounds. 



Our greatest power is found in our network of women and the connections they create. In efforts to provide support to each woman we are committed to providing an environment and platform for women to connect and engage with each other. As women, research shows that we often times feel alone in the fight for equality, especially within the workplace. Lady Corporate provides a sisterhood and partnership for the professional woman to learn, grow and blossom. 

How do we do this?

  • Engagement: Meet us at a local lounge, gym, or conference room. Our members enjoy exclusive complimentary and discounted events throughout the year where connections of a lifetime are truly made. Lady Corporate features in-person and online opportunities for each member to learn and grow. Our ultra-personalized community support groups coupled with our mentorship program are designed to connect members with other like-minded professionals that have been there. While our career levels may be different our mission of achieving success within our lives, careers and businesses are the same. 


  • Empowerment: Lady Corporate members are offered not only support in their careers but also in their personal lives. You can catch us on a Sunday morning which we've name our day for self-care, at a yoga or dance studio or perhaps listening to Tony Robbins, Oprah, or Iyanla. Our team works to provide opportunities for women to explore and challenge themselves in creative and empowering ways 


We have to admit while mapping this thing out, we asked ourselves a million times how do corporate women collaborate and on what? Many of our members have found creative ways to grow professionally and within their businesses by teaming up with another "success sister". Here's a neat real-life example, Amanda, our Director of  Corporate Relations is also the Director of Student Life in higher education at one of leading colleges in Massachusetts. She needs a speaker for a Women in Workforce Symposium that is student led and an event that will surely empower the young women of her student community and not to mention educate them, well she calls her success sister and leader, who happens to be a former Human Resources Professional at Harvard University and not to mention the CEO of Lady Corporate. That's right Amanda and our CEO collaborated to bring awareness, empowerment and engagement to young women. We would like to say the story ends there but the truth is after speaking to the young women of Amanda's college, our CEO was invited to speak at three other events. Sounds like a win-win right? We'd say so for sure. 

Collaborations like these are made everyday in the Lady Corporate community. We help each other meet our goals, launch our careers and grow our businesses. 

We simply work together to make it happen!




Ask any one of our leaders, cultivation and elevation is the true heart of the Lady Corporate brand. We are invested in preparing and nurturing our leaders. Our CEO is often times quoting Rudyard Kipling's poem "If", especially the part that encourages us to "treat Triumph and Disaster just the same." Lady Corporate celebrates success, heck we love it, but we don't believe it ends. We are committed to building and empowering women to be great leaders consistently and continuously.