Membership Community & Lifestyle Brand for the Corporate and Business Woman. A sisterhood of leaders, executives and entrepreneurs committed to changing the face of business.

Professional Development


Committed to the enrichment and empowerment of our members, Lady Corporate features a wealth of resources in the form of workshops, webinars, courses, training and our very own resource library for the corporate and business woman.



Mentorship & Community support

Lady Corporate hosts a number of ultra-personalized online support groups tailored to the needs of each woman. Whether you're a entry-level professional woman seeking accountability and mentorship or maybe an executive woman seeking to trade in her corporate success to run her own business, we have something for you. 

Member Exclusives

Members are our priority at Lady Corporate. Enjoy a wealth of resources, exclusively for our members. From our support groups to monthly member-only events, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of women everywhere.

Health & Wellness

Our most defining offering and accomplishment is our commitment to empower women, not only professionally but also personally. Home of LadyFit, we offer a number of discounts at partnering fitness centers. Join us bi-monthly for our very own bootcamp and each and ever Sunday for Self Care Sundays