Millennial Women: A Force to Reckon With

Generation Y, also known as the Millennials, have become the most debated and talked about generation. Millennials primarily belong to the 13 to 33 age bracket, and are born in the 20th century between 1982- 1994. According to the recent figures revealed in the Census, the United States has roughly 60 million Millennials among which half are women. 

In terms of being professional and career oriented, it will not be wrong to say that millennial women are a new breed driven by passion and desire. Majority of the women are extremely ambitious, dedicated, educated and keen to change the corporate game. The innate desire of such women is to lead an affluent lifestyle which makes them powerful, strong and steadfast, ultimately becoming a force to reckon with. 

According to a recent article in Washington Post Magazine, the author Laura Session Stepp praises the confidence of the Generation Y by stating, “These women appear to be buoyed by a stronger belief in their capabilities than many of their mothers enjoyed at their age.” Such women have high aspirations and are devoted to producing top notch quality work. With the commitment to excel, millennial women have high expectations in terms of wages. Moreover, they also aspire to balance work and family life where most have succeeded in doing so.

The Era of Change:

This is the first era in history, where four distinct generations are working in parallel in the job market. Due to staggering economic conditions, most Americans are forced to put off retirement which has resulted in the existence of a generational blended workplace. The collaboration of Mature Workers, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials has proved beneficial for companies in moving forward.

However, the question that bothers many skeptics is how can these four generations smoothly work together?

Primarily, in today’s job market, it boils down to being receptive, understanding the importance of different work styles and meeting at a common ground. For instance, most individuals belonging to the Baby Boomer are comfortable with physical interactions, whereas Millennials are inclined towards correspondence via emails and smartphones. While Millennials are constantly endorsing technology-driven communication channels, the conventional charm of physical interactions is not likely to fade away. However, the gap in communication can ultimately create havoc if not dealt with in time. 

In order to achieve business goals, effective management and resorting to a middle ground is a sane approach. Finding common agendas is essential for peaceful co-existence. 

Today, the older generations consider the Millennials to be arrogant and undeserving. Moreover, this approach is further directed to women in particular who are considered to be a misfit in the corporate fraternity by certain school of thoughts. However, over the passage of time Millennials and particularly women are challenging this notion by constantly proving to be better, illustrious, and devoted. Their drive to bring about a change and being accepted as the revolutionaries is likely to make a difference.

Millennials: The Contributors

Today, Millennials have a lot to contribute to the corporate sector particularly in terms of work habits. Indeed, millennial women have completely tweaked and redefined the definition of success. Their effort in striking a balance and finding a middle ground is unmatched. Moreover, they have also propagated a new notion in the cooperate fraternity, i.e., flexible working hours and remote work. Deviating from the conventional desk approach, Millennials have given vision and ignited a spark in the corporate world.

Advice for Millennials: Halt, Relax and Calm Down

Most Millennials today are self-advised. Moreover, they have a sense of urgency in them, which is great, but can also be over powering. It is important to pave your way to success, but it is also important to take calculated steps at a time.

Millennial women are striving hard to get the success they deserve. However, to land your dream job requires exposure, perseverance and experience which requires time and patience

In terms of attitude, it is great to be confident, but there is a fine line between being blunt and rude. Being driven by passion is a trait that the older generation lacked. However, your drive to excel should affect your behavior and temperament. It is equally important to be a team player, and make sure to put a halt to the unnecessary whining.

In a Nutshell:

Millennial women are certainly a force to reckon. These women are marching towards a bright and prosperous future, but their career growth will be mightier if they find their niche in the job market. All they need to do is work hard, be humble and open to learning to excel.