5 Secrets to Gaining Confidence in Your Business

You’re just starting out and it seems overwhelming. I know! There are so many tools to use and so much different advice to to listen to. How do you de-clutter and get away from the noise? How do you build a simple effective business that you are confident in.


  1. Be Honest- The first step in gaining confidence in your business is being honest and comfortable with where you are in your business. Often times as business owners we fail to realize that we are truly our worst enemy. We feel less than or inferior to our peers because we feel they have a handle on entrepreneurship. We feel they know more than we do. You must be comfortable with your progress whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a few years. The truth of the matter is that you never master everything in business. Whether you are in business for 5 years or 50, the world of entrepreneurship will never stop growing. Years ago the thought of online business was never a thought and now millions of people create and maintain businesses from the comfort of their homes. Speaking of home, a message comes to mind that was actually one of my most successful messages. I was at home in complete tears. I felt overwhelmed in my business and that time was never on my side. I started to doubt myself and my abilities. After all my business was to help others grow successful businesses, and here I was feeling like giving up on my own. I said to hell with it! I grabbed my laptop and I told everyone where I was in my business and why. Most of all I shared with them what I was learning and what my goals were. Much to my surprise my client list double within weeks and I had regained the confidence in myself and my business. Oh and by the way I was now a better coach! Due to my experience and my honesty I allowed myself to expand my reach and now be available to female entrepreneurs who felt the same way I did.

  2. Set Realistic Expectations- It's your goals and expectations and you want them done now! I bet! I understand you are passionate about your business and it seems there aren’t simply enough hours in the day. You see the vision in your mind and it kills you that you can’t bring it all to life on one day. Guess what “Rome wasn't built in a day” We use this statement so often that we forget the true essence of the message it is trying to deliver to us. Every masterpiece takes time and setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and your business will only result in overwhelm and a brutal hit to your confidence when you're not able to complete what ultimately was an unrealistic goal to begin with.

  3. Be Visible- Get out there! I hate to admit this sometimes but I also realize that my action in doing this built my confidence to an all-time high. I showed up in groups and answered questions, I offered value through free coaching calls, I was there at every given opportunity to prove to myself and my prospective clients that I had the goods and I could deliver whenever and wherever they needed me to. The sad reality is that many people will not believe in you unless you believe in yourself. Again, that takes time and that’s ok. Am I telling you to go bankrupt offering free services to your clients. HELL NO, dont tell anyone I said that. What I am saying is ask yourself how can I present value in my current arenas? How can I show my clients and customers that they can not only trust me but that I can truly solve their problem and/or provide them the product they need? In the beginning of my business I collaborated with other business owners, I created and facilitated events that served a cause and helped me grow confidence in my abilities.

  4. Do it with help- My partner once asked me “Damn, how many mentors do you have?” It was funny of course at the time, however I didn’t realize that this was a vital part of my success. I was an entrepreneur who was willing to bare it all and be transparent with my clients, in efforts of helping them grow. I needed the same! I needed individuals that would along the way let me know, “Hey, I've been there” or “Hey, I'm going through that as well but here are some resources recommended to me” Remember to always surround yourself with like-minded people. They may not entirely understand your vision, and they shouldn't, but they do in part understand your journey, the journey of entrepreneurship. Feeling that you are not alone in the fight is one of the biggest confidence boosters you can give yourself.

  5. Congratulate Yourself- Take time to acknowledge your progress. After you have set your goals and realistic expectations, don't you dare forget to applaud yourself once you hit that mark. Confidence in your business starts with confidence in you. Take care of yourself and your business and you and your business will take care of you.