Membership Features


Increase the value of your network and connect with like-minded professional and business women. 


Lady Corporate provides accountability and support to our members both in person and virtually. In addition to monthly events and networking opportunities, you can often find our members in our personalized support groups setting goals, engaging and connecting with others, working through professional and entrepreneurial challenges

  • High Heels in High Places
  • Women Creating Wealth: The Ladies Lounge
  • The Workroom
  • The Career Vault
  • Corporate Women in Business

Members Directory

As a member of Lady Corporate, enjoy the opportunity to learn more about fellow members and success sisters within the community. Increase your visibility and enhance your chances to be recognized for your achievements and supported in current projects and initiatives.

Enhance & Advance


Increase your visibility and net worth through strategic partnerships and deeper learning. Our community is a platform for thought-provoking experiences and inspiration.

Member Exclusive Events

Our key feature for the Lady Corporate Community is our commitment to providing lifestyle experiences that empower and enrich each woman personally and professionally. Each and every month, Lady Corporate commits to providing events exclusively to our members, where they experience VIP Access and the opportunity to mix and mingle with the top leaders, speakers, executives and experts, both in the corporate and business arena. Find below a few examples of our monthly members-only events.

  • Women Creating Wealth Empowerment Brunch: Each month we invite our members to join us for brunch on us. We invite speakers and experts who are knowledgeable and an inspiration to our members.
  • Monthly Workshop Series: Join us each month for some time with our CEO, and other experts as they share details on how to be successful in your career and business covering subjects and topics like: Salary negotiations, Difficult Conversations in the Workplace, Business Planning, List Building, How to Fund your Business, and so much more...

Endless opportunities Board

Signature to the Lady Corporate Community, the Endless Opportunities Board, is another one of our many resources offered to our members. Here you find the latest positions and promotion opportunities at the world's leading companies. For our ladypreneurs, you will find opportunities for funding, collaborations and more. 

Monthly member spotlight

We are excited to empower women and what better way than to help promote them. Maybe you are comfortable hiding in the shadows playing small or maybe you are ready for the world to see your greatness. No matter which end of the spectrum you might land, we are committed to showcasing and providing a platform that encourages women supporting women and advancement. 



ACCESS & Opportunity

Enjoy hundreds of lifestyle advantages and premium access to industry leaders, executives, experts and investors.

Online resource library

Our members-only resource library features a wealth of knowledge and resources. Members enjoy access to learning tools created to provide education and development opportunities that can be accessed at the leisure of the corporate and business woman. Here are a few items you can find in our library:

  • Expert-led Courses and Training 
  • Career & Business Planning Worksheets

The Recruiter's Eye Newsletter & Signature event

Each and every month we invite recruiters and industry leaders from New England's top employers to join the conversation; identifying and providing answers to the challenges women face both in gaining employment and upward mobility within the workplace. This is also a perfect time to engage with recruiters and learn about new positions and happenings in the world of Human Resources. 

Our newsletter features new positions with a diversity goal geared to hiring women and resources. 


Educate & Empower

Raise your profile and experience the gift of lifelong learning. Become the expert in your field and feel empowered to empower others. 


Professional Development

The most successful companies are those that invest in their women. Through strategic partnerships, intentional conversations and advocacy our community of women are provided a competitive advantage in the corporate and entrepreneurial arena. Lady Corporate offers a wide range of empowerment workshops and seminars to increase the value of our members professionally. 

Wealth & Wellness

Experience wealthin a whole new way. Join our community of women committed to self-care and success.


Member Discount Program & Partnerships

Lady Corporate is passionate about not only the professional advancement of our members but also the personal. Committed to promoting self-care and resources that will aid in creating a well-balanced life for each woman, we have partnered with a few companies to make things a little easier. Here are a few examples of our membership perks.

  • Discounted Gym Memberships & Nutrition Counseling
  • Discounted / Member-priced Mobile Service
  • Health and Wellness Newsletter and Free Coaching

Lady Fit Bootcamp & Wellness Program

Our wellness program's primary focus is to to engage and motivate the corporate and business woman to lead a healthy lifestyle. Each and every month members are invited to participate in fitness activities such as yoga, our signature Lady Fit Bootcamp and more.

Membership Plans 

Annual Membership  

Lady Corporate Annual Membership Plan
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Monthly Membership 

Lady Corporate Monthly Membership Plan

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Lady Corporate Student Membership
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